Generously donated by Deirdre Cavanagh, Carol Ciszek, & Wendy McCulloch

In August 2016 Wild Tomorrow Fund and its donors took part in immobilizing three carefully selected elephants in order to attach tracking collars. Two dominant elephant cows and a single large bull will now be collecting valuable data which will enable Thanda Reserve to see exactly how the breeding herds and a bachelor group utilize their time and space on the reserve. This will offer insights into habitat use as well as movement patterns over rainfall events and seasonal changes. At the same time, multiple micro weather stations have been installed throughout the reserve and the elephant movements over the landscapes will be mapped considering the daily changes in climatic conditions. 

Blood samples were also taken as part of a study with the University of Pretoria which will investigate the long-term effects of the PZP immuno-contraception program which has been implemented at Thanda since 2012. This is a particularly important study and we were delighted to have helped.