Generously donated by Deirdre Cavanagh, Carol Ciszek, & Wendy McCulloch

In August 2016 three donors from New York City joined Wild Tomorrow Fund to fund and take part in one of the most intense conservation activities, rhino dehorning. Carol, Deirdre, and Wendy along with a team of vets, ecologists, and rangers in Ndumo Game Reserve, South Africa, successfully located, darted, captured and dehorned six white rhinos. 

Rhinos across the world are perilously close to extinction due to increasing demand for their horn. Many people in Vietnam and China pay exorbitant amounts for ground-up horn believing it will cure them from illness or help detox after parties. Rhino horn is made of keratin, the same as our fingernails. 

Dehorning rhino is a difficult decision for any reserve to make. While they can continue to live healthily, a rhino without a horn is like an elephant without a tusk. It’s their identity. But these  six rhino were at risk because they kept crossing into neighboring Mozambique, a country where poaching is poorly controlled. Removing their horns was seen as the only way to save them. 

Thank you Carol, Deirde and Wendy for your generosity.