Generously donated by Deirdre Cavanagh, Carol Ciszek, & Wendy McCulloch

African wild dogs are considered the nature’s most successful hunter of all predators, even more than wolves, lions or tigers. Despite their hunting proficiency, wild dogs are no match for humans. Habitat loss, human conflict, and snaring have taken a disastrous toll on African Wild Dog numbers. There are now only between 3,000 and 5,000 African Wild Dogs remaining in the world. 

Their scarcity makes monitoring critically important. Population counts, breeding rates, general health, and hunting ranges are all important to understand if they are to have a future. Monitoring is done by attaching radio collars to a few individual animals so ecologists can repeatedly locate them in the wilderness. 

Three Wild Tomorrow Fund donors funded and took part in helping to locate, dart and attach radio collars to two female dogs from the pack living in the Somkhanda Game Reserve. These dog’s futures will now be a little safer thanks to Carol, Deirde and Wendy.