Do you remember learning the alphabet? Chances are that your first book had a rhino representing the letter R. Perhaps you have read a rhino story to your children at night to put them to bed? If the current poaching crisis continues these books will have to be rewritten and future generations will not have the opportunity to experience rhinos in the wild. But it's not too late to save rhinos from extinction if we offer our support now. Learn about the conservation challenges facing rhinos and practical, direct ways YOU can help.

R is for Ranger. Anti-poaching rangers are the last line of defense for rhinos in the wild. These brave people put their lives on the line every time they go on patrol. But with diminishing budgets they're often wearing uniforms that are tattered and boots that are falling apart. They deserve better. Help a ranger today by donating to purchase a new pair of boots or purchasing a uniform. 

H is for Horn. The very thing that makes a rhino special is sadly what is placing them in so much danger. Worth more than gold on the black market, horns are bought by people in Vietnam and China who think they have medicinal qualities. They're wrong. Rhino horn is made of the same material as our fingernails. More and more reserves are choosing to dehorn their rhinos as a last resort to keep them safe. Donate to help dehorn rhinos for their protection. 

I is for Intelligence. Imagine if reserves knew when poachers were planning an attack. Or if they had better evidence to prosecute rhino poachers. Information and intelligence is critically important to stop poachers before they strike, and to ensure they are behind bars.  Donate to help fund our intelligence programs, crime scene training program for rangers, and enabling technology.

N is for Numbers. Right now the amount of rhino births in South Africa is higher than the amount of rhinos being poached. But it's getting perilously close to flipping. It's not too late to save rhinos if we offer our support to the reserves. Donate to our rhino protection fund so we can buy what is most urgently needed. 

O is for Orphans. Rhino orphans are incredibly cute but represent a terrible tragedy. Their were mothers brutally killed by poachers while they watched. Many are killed for their tiny stub of a horn. The lucky ones are found before they succumb to starvation or predator attacks. They are taken to orphanages and cared for until they're old enough to be released. We support two rhino orphanages in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa. Both are secret locations for their security and safety. Help by donating to buy food and milk for hungry growing baby rhinos.

It's easy to help rhinos if you know your A-B-C's!

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