David Yarrow (left), James Willis, Louis Buckworth and Aviv Siso (right) team up to help Wild Tomorrow Fund (John Steward, Axel Hunnicutt and Wendy Hapgood - middle) to save wildlife and wild places in southern Africa.

Did you know that Wild Tomorrow Fund is also working with our neighboring communities? Supporting community development programs not only helps children and adults in need, but also builds strong relationships and goodwill with our neighbors. 

Many of the people who live in the rural communities that surround the wildlife areas we support, live in poverty. In KwaZulu-Natal South Africa, rural unemployment hovers around 50%, and the HIV rate is 13%. The key to providing improved outcomes for these communities is education, improved health care, and direct employment opportunities.This helps to not only improve their lives, but to reduce their impact on natural resources while increasing support of conservation practices.

While our community development efforts to date have been relatively modest, we continue to increase our support as we grow. We are proud to have positively impacted the communities that border Ukuwela and other reserves that we support in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa. Through our partnership with the Africa Foundation, and directly, here are some highlights:

The Old Testament, Dinokeng South Africa 2017. David Yarrow Limited Edition.


On our first visit to the creche we were shocked to see the state of the structures. Metal was sticking out of the concrete floors and door frames had separated from the walls. We immediately offered to cover the costs to repair the building to make it a safe environment for children and teachers. This was completed in January 2018.

In addition to the building repairs we have also supplied the crèche with tables, chairs, sleeping mats, games, books, stationery and educational activities. We also sponsor a food program which provides meals for the children while they are at school, which has already led to increased enrollment and attendance.

Our latest donation was a big box of wool sweaters, gloves and beanies that were lovingly knitted by a group of women in England.



Life is challenging for everyone in the communities however it is especially hard for orphaned children. There are no state-run orphanages or other support networks in these rural areas. Orphans have to hope they are taken in by extended families or other unrelated families. Often, in these cases they are not given the required amount of care. Fortunately in one of the local communities is the Hambanthi E.C. Charity. They provide orphans with a daily meal each Sunday through Friday. Saturday is the one day they do not provide a meal. We are incredibly proud and happy to fill this one day gap, not only paying for the food but also preparing it as well. We are now working together with staff at andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve to support this group of orphans with additional supplies and support including school uniforms, shoes and other items to help support them. 

We would like to give special thanks to Tom Moskowitz that gave so generously.

If you would like to contribute to help our neighbors, please consider making a donation.  

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