Help save habitat and create a wildlife corridor for elephants, rhinos, lions and other precious species, one acre at a time.

While the poaching of iconic species such as elephants and rhinos tends to be well publicized, habitat destruction and fragmentation is one of the most dangerous long-term threats to wildlife.

Wild Tomorrow Fund is working urgently to create a wildlife corridor between two existing large-scale wildlife reserves in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal region (“Zululand”). The area, if secured has the opportunity to connect an acclaimed regional reserve to a UNESCO world heritage site. It is already home to leopards, hyenas, zebra, wildebeest, hippos and countless other species. A precious river surrounded by fever tree forest, open grasslands, riverine thickets, and mixed woodlands, make it one of the most beautiful and diverse wilderness areas in the region.

In 2016, Wild Tomorrow Fund successfully secured the first 1,235 acre piece of land in the corridor and renamed it Ukuwela, which mean to 'cross over' in Zulu. While we have several years to complete the purchase of Ukuwela, our current urgent need is to purchase and protect an additional 1,075 acre parcel to the east that is under threat of development. This land parcel, which directly borders a UNESCO World Heritage wetland, is the final link in the wildlife corridor.

Adopting an acre is a wonderful way to help support our habitat conservation project. Your symbolic gift -for all or part of an acre- will fund our critical habitat conservation work, helping to protect each acre as we build and restore the wildlife corridor.

If you choose to adopt a full acre ($990 per acre) or more we will send you an adoption kit including:

  • a full-colored certificate of adoption

  • photos of the land you helped to protect

If you have any questions and would like to speak with John Steward, our Executive Director please email him at john@wildtomorrowfund.org or call (917) 952 3922.

Otherwise, please use the form fields below to make your donation.