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For the long-term success of conservation, it is imperative that local communities benefit from wildlife conservation initiatives in the region, and are engaged as partners in conservation. Supporting community development programs not only helps children and adults in need, but also builds strong relationships and goodwill with our neighbors. 

When visiting the surrounding communities it is clear that they need assistance. However it can be challenging to know the right way to help. Before offering aid we take the time to form relationships with the community leaders to gain mutual respect and better understand their issues. To help us with these relationships we partner with the Africa Foundation. They have deep ties with the communities and have implemented numerous development programs.

On the 26th of May 2018, a new sign was proudly installed at the Creche .

On the 26th of May 2018, a new sign was proudly installed at the Creche.

Wild Tomorrow Fund has been supporting the Silethukukhanya Creche (daycare center) since late 2017. Our major support to date includes making structural repairs to the building to make it safe, purchasing school desks, chairs and mats for the children and a feeding program. We have also delivered donations of educational story books and toys, and handmade knitted clothes for winter.

As of early 2019, Wild Tomorrow Fund introduced an all-women, ALL-STAR, green team called The Green Mambas. The project aims to uplift this group of strong women from the nearby community by creating and supporting their women-owned and run ‘green’ business. By working on sustainable projects such as alien plant control and plastic pollution removal from wildlife reserves, the Green Mambas are able to earn much needed additional income while also building positive connections between conservationists and local communities. Read more about the Green Mambas here.

Other ways we have been active in supporting surrounding communities includes sponsoring a local football team and providing them with new uniform kits, supporting a weekly soup kitchen for orphans, and donating sewing equipment to a women's embroidery studio .

We can assure you that any donation you make on this page will go to improving the lives of the local people in need who live nearby to the Ukuwela Conservancy and partner wildlife reserves in the region.