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$110 each

This August, over 2 tons of ivory was destroyed in Central Park New York at the Ivory Crush. Before the ivory sculptures and tusks were destroyed, we took a domino-sized sample of 25 pieces. The ivory will be sampled for both DNA information to understand where the elephants were poached, and radiocarbon dated to understand when they were killed. This information will inform international law enforcement to aid in the identification of ivory poaching hotspots. This testing will enable us to understand more about the illicit ivory trade at the retail end of the supply chain. We will know definitively where the elephants killed to feed New York’s ivory market were poached and when. This has enormous scientific and enforcement value, helping to save elephants by using cutting-edge science. 

Help us in our ivory CSI-style investigation. A donation of $110 will fund a single DNA test of ivory. You will be able to help us understand who this individual elephant was and where they died before being crushed to dust in New York City.