Generously donated by various supporters and Wild Lion Trust

Knowing that there are people out there backing them gives the rangers such motivation.

They were so happy to receive these new uniforms to keeps them safe and comfortable in difficult conditions.

For the past few years reserves like Ndumo have been running on a shoe-string budget barely able to keep the parks running. Then this year the provincial government decided to cut budgets by a whopping 48,6% making even the basic needs unaffordable. This is why we are making sure we can do what we can to fill these crucial gaps. Forget drones and fancy tech, basics are needed and boots on the ground the most critical element of protecting species.

After we have completely kitted every member in Ndumo, we will move the project to Phongolo Nature Reserve, Pongolapoort Nature Reserve, and Hlatikulu Forest Reserve. We will slowly move from reserve to reserve until we have equipped every ranger in our region.