• Acquire and conserve land in critical areas.
Habitat loss is perhaps the biggest threat to the future of our planet's wildlife. Populations of many species have dramatically shrunk due to the lack of protected wild land. This is nowhere more evident than in southern Africa where we work.

We want to reverse this trend by acquiring and conserving land in strategic, ecologically sound areas. But we won't stop there. We will look to join our land with neighboring properties and reserves to create animal corridors. 

Conserving land that may have otherwise been lost to wildlife forever will ensure that entire ecosystems, from leopards to butterflies, can live the life nature intended.

Find out more about how we're helping protect wild spaces.



• Raise funds to purchase critically needed equipment
Most game reserves in Africa are severely underfunded. Without adequate finances and supplies these reserves struggle to protect their animals from any number of dangers including poachers, snares, broken fencing, and water shortage. This situation puts at risk all African wildlife including rhinos, elephants, pangolins, wild dogs, and countless other species.

The funds we raise are used to purchase critically needed supplies and equipment in over 14 different reserves in South Africa and Mozambique. You can see a list of some of these items here

• Continue of our scientific research on key species.
We will continue to conduct critical on-the-ground scientific research. Our ecologists in South Africa are committed to conservation-focused and meaningful in-situ field research. Working in areas of high biodiversity and endangered vegetation types, our ecologists use scientific research to guide conservation management and aid in species recovery programs.