Having created the 1235 acre Ukuwela Conservancy in 2017, we are now seeking to reach an agreement with our neighbors to form the Greater Ukuwela Conservancy. This means countless more animals can be protected. 

• We have an agreement in principle to bring in an additional 741 acres.

• Our longer term goal is to join our conservancy with our eastern neighbors making the conservancy over 4,000 acres in size. We will then be able to potentially join with the 73,900 acre Munyawana Conservancy that includes the Phinda Private Game Reserve

• We seek to construct field offices and a research center on a small portion (1%) of the Ukuwela Conservancy which we will offer at no cost to regional ecologists in order for them to perform their critical work. 


With South African government budgets continuing to dwindle it is our goal to increase the number of state reserves we help by donating many more supplies and equipment. Specific goals include:

• Outfitting every ranger in Kwazulu-Natal government reserves with new uniforms.

• Funding vet and helicopter time for wildlife emergency procedures on elephants, rhinos, lions and wild dogs. 

• Researching the status of the Temminck's Ground Pangolin in northern Zululand.

• Beginning a reptile and invertebrate survey with a focus on sand forests.

• Publishing a paper on African wild dog populations on a biodiversity rich areas.