We are incredibly thankful to all our donors who have supported us. We are often told how our presence is being felt by rangers, ecologists and reserve managers in Africa.

Here are just a few highlights since our formation in March, 2015:

• Protected 2,421 acres of land in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa for the benefit of wildlife that includes leopards, zebras, hyenas, hippos and giraffe. We have also begun the formal legal process of having these lands declared a protected area under South Africa’s Protected Areas Act. The Act’s protection is made in perpetuity and attaches to the land itself, meaning that any future landowners would also be bound to protect the land for the purpose of biodiversity conservation.

• Outfitted every field ranger with new uniforms at Tembe, Ndumo, Phongolo, Sileza, Phongolapoort, Hlatikulu Forest, and Ukuwela reserves.

• Donated supplies to multiple government reserves, which amongst many things included telemetry equipment, binoculars, computers, tire compressors, lamps, pangas, bikes, boots, belts and cammo gear.

• Paid for the dehorning of rhinos on three reserves, and the the collarings of elephants, wild dogs and hyenas.

• Supported two rural community pre-schools which neighbor our conservancies. Our assistance has included constructing a new school, repairing existing buildings and supplying them with furniture and educational equipment.

• Formed an all-women group called the The Green Mambas who we are training to perform sustainable environmental work. Initially, we will train the women to perform three conservation-focused activities that include alien plant removal. Once trained, the Green Mambas will be able to contract for additional work in the region. 

The Green Mambas on pay-day

The Green Mambas on pay-day