We are incredibly thankful to all our donors who have supported us. We are often told how our presence is being felt by rangers, ecologists and reserve managers in Africa.

Here are just a few highlights since our formation in March, 2015:

• Outfitted every field ranger with new uniforms at Tembe, Ndumo, Phongolo, Sileza, Phongolapoort, Hlatikulu Forest, and Ukuwela reserves.

• Donated supplies to 10 government and 5 private reserves which amongst many things included telemetry equipment, binoculars, computers, tire compressors, lamps, pangas, bikes, boots, belts, rifle scopes, and cammo gear.

• Paid for 24 rhinos to be dehorned, 3 elephants collared, 4 wild dogs collared, and 3 hyenas collared.

• Protected 1,235 acres of land to create a new conservancy called Ukuwela. This land which includes leopards, zebras, hyenas, hippos was just months away from potential destruction before we became involved.
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