Wild Tomorrow Fund is undertaking elephant focused projects. We are looking at the impact of elephant on vegetation types with a particular focus on their movements (through collar data) and use of certain vegetation types (through remote sensing and field surveys) in relation to temperature. This is to obtain more information on how climate change could impact elephant populations, and what changes could occur on the ground due to prolonged heat stress and drought stress. This is critical in being able to proactively manage elephants and the reserve as a whole with the looming threat of climate change. This project is being done in conjunction with Biologists Without Borders and the US Forestry Services.

The second project, which compliments the first project, is to construct an elephant model that will allow us to understand how an elephant controls its temperature and what would happen if this system was pushed to its limits and what those limits would be. This project is being done with renowned physicist Margi Bohm of the Australian National University (formerly of the University of Canberra and The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)).