With rhinos potentially becoming extinct in our lifetime due to intense poaching, Wild Tomorrow Fund supports the rhino reserves in Zululand, South Africa. We equip and train rangers with the tools to fight back, and we ensure they have safe, reliable, and functional uniforms, boots and equipment to do this in. 

We fund various dehorning programs of both black and white rhinos. Dehorning is an additive strategy to the many existing layers of rhino protection, removing the incentive to kill the rhino for its horn.  

Our conservancy, Ukuwela, as part of our habitat protection program will also in the longer-term provide additional habitat for rhinos in South Africa.

For #SavetheRhinoDay 2018, we are raising funds to purchase equipment for the black rhino monitoring team at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park (known as HiP) and rangers on the Ukuwela Conservancy. The government-run HiP reserve has the second largest population of rhinos in South Africa, and is heavily under attack from rhino poaching. We are working to urgently equip the team that monitors the critically endangered black rhino in wilderness areas only accessible by foot (no roads or cars). This team needs the following items:

  • 2 pairs of binoculars ($115 each)
  • 2 pairs of ranger boots ($60 each)
  • 8 backpacks (ranging from $20 to $40 each pack) 
  • 8 water bladders for backpacks ($15 each)
  • 10 camera traps ($200 per camera+outer casing) 

Please help us to check off these items from our equipment list!