The smaller victims of the rhino poaching crisis are the calves whose mothers have been poached for their horns. When poachers strike, they sometimes kill the calves for their tiny nub of a horn. Or chase them away with stones while their mother lies bleeding to death, her horn hacked out of her face. Without the milk and care of their mothers, the orphaned calves will not survive in the wild unless they are rescued and kept safe until the age they can be released. These precious young rhinos deserve a second chance at a wild life. We are working to support two rhino orphanages in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa. Both orphanages are at secret locations that are closed to the public in order to protect the security of both staff and the orphans. 

Rhino calves need milk when young and lucern (hay) once they have been weaned off milk and are in their final stages of rehabilitation. A young orphan rhino can consume around 35kg of milk each month, which costs around $30 USD.

Your donation will pay for either milk or lucern to feed these hungry, growing orphans.