Wild Tomorrow Fund is dedicated to the protection of threatened and endangered species and the habitats they depend on for survival.



Elephants, rhinos, lions, giraffe and other amazing wild animals in Southern Africa are struggling. The poaching crisis, diminishing reserve budgets, and a lack of wild space are all having disastrous effects.

Wild Tomorrow Fund is committed to helping in the most effective ways possible. To do that, we ask the people whose job it is to protect the animals – the reserve managers, anti-poaching units and ecologists – what help they need most. Below are the three areas they requested help.      


State-run reserves are struggling to keep wildlife safe with equipment that is either worn-out, broken or non-existent. Through your donations we can provide these reserves with the tools needed to protect rhinos, elephants, lions and all the other animals living in the wild. Wild Tomorrow Fund staff personally meet with each reserve manager regularly and update our lists of supplies and equipment that are most needed.

See a list of what's most needed


Sometimes the only way to keep animals safe is through human intervention. This includes, for example, attaching tracking collars to wild dogs, drawing blood from elephants, or dehorning rhinos before the poachers do. In an ideal world we wouldn’t play any part in wild animals lives, but until things get safer, it’s the only way. If you would like to support our in-field conservation efforts please click here.

If you are interested in participating in these efforts with us, please contact us using this link.


Our scientists in South Africa are committed to conservation-focused and meaningful in situ field research. Working in areas of high biodiversity and endangered vegetation types, our ecologists use scientific research to guide conservation management and aid in species recovery programs.